Presto 06300 Food Dehydrator Review

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This Presto 06300 food dehydrator is one of the most reasonably priced food dehydrators on the market.  While it doesn’t possess many of the features you would expect to see on a higher end dehydrator, it is still quite good and a bargain too!  This is the most entry-level food dehydrator on the market.  If you are new to dehydrating food and want to give it a go, this is the machine for you.  If you have some experience and want a more fully featured model, check out our other reviews or consider the Presto 06301 model which has some of the more advanced features.

Presto 06300 Food Dehydrator

The features of the Presto 06300 food dehydrator are

  • 4 trays for food drying
  • BPA free trays, though other pieces of the dehydrator do contain BPA
  • Clear top cover that allows you to see food
  • 7.5 pounds
  • Bottom-mounted fan
  • 600-Watt
  • Bottom located heating element 
  • Runs at a fixed temperature of 165° Fareinheight
  • Trays and cover are dishwasher safe
  • Trays nest in the unit for easy storage
  • Can add trays to expands up to eight trays
  • 14.5″ x 15″ x 6.2″
  • 1 year limited warranty

Presto 06300 Food Dehydrator Review

The Presto Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator 06300 is a great small and affordable food dehydrator.  With just 4 trays included, we would even classify this as a mini dehydrator.  However, you can expand to use this machine with up to 8 trays.  I like that these trays nest in the unit for easier storage.  The weight of the machine, at just 7.5 pounds, means you can move it easily from place to place.  While this machine is lite and portable, I have found it to be a bit noisy.

The Presto food dehydrator has a fixed temperature setting of 165 degrees and no timer.  The temperature setting of 165 degrees is good for things like beef jerky.  However, if you want to dry nuts, this high temperature could cause them to go rancid instead of drying.  Even fruits and vegetables are mostly dehydrated at slightly lower temperatures of 125-140 degrees typically.  All that being said, the results have been decent.

If you are looking for something with just a little more capacity, timer, and temperature range, we would recommend the model up from this, Presto 06301 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator.  Overall, I find the Presto 06300 dehydrator to be perfect for a casual user.   If you aren’t planning on drying food on a regular basis, or just want to see what the fuss is about, this dehydrator will be perfect for you.

Presto 06300 Food Dehydrator Comparison

Easy to clean
BPA free trays
Small unit
Excellent price
Expandable trays
Light unit and easy to move and store

Bottom mounted heating element
No timer
Fixed temperature
Can be noisy

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